35mm Black and White Photography

Living in New York, I’m constantly surrounded by the bustle of the city.

One couldn’t ask for a more vibrant photography subject, however I find myself more interested in the city minus all of the people. I want the objects of daily life to tell a story on their own. Capturing these moments presents a challenge, however, and often requires shooting very early morning, late at night, or mid-day during the week when everyone is at work and the cafes are just setting up for the lunch rush. These are the moments that I enjoy the most.

My Grandpa passed away the summer of 2012 and while visiting my Grandma for the funeral, she gave me his Minolta 35mm camera. I quickly fell in love with the quality of black and white film and started shooting around Central Park and the West Village. Through experimentation I found that my Grandpa’s camera has a small tear in the black lining that shields the film from light, resulting in random and often interesting flares in the photographs.